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Flat Belly Overnight System

Flat Belly Overnight System is a special weight-loss program that can be used by both men and women. It involves three parts including a Detox Formula, Done For You Template, and 3-Minute Belly Flattening Sequences (videos). After following the process, you are expected to get a flatter and more toned abdomen. The program involves many recipes and workouts, buy you will have to exercise only three minutes a day. This online dietary training program promises to teach you simple rules for you to follow if you want to have a flatter stomach.

Flat Belly Overnight System was created by Andrew Raposo, a certified personal trainer, as he calls himself. The program can be bought on the official website only. The site is low-informative but gives too many loud claims. Andrew also describes his weight loss techniques which claim to help you lose your stubborn belly fat with no need to stop eating. You also don't have to workout too much. Do these promises hold up to testing? Let's have a closer look at how this program works.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

As a matter of fact, the creator of Flat Belly Overnight System does not mention any possible restrictions to following the program on the official website. There is also no information on dangers which can be carried by this weight loss system. What I was concerned with is the poor customer service. It can be seen in many real users' reviews. Dieters have concerns about the lack of customer support. This weight-management program is not developed well. People do not get answers to many of their questions. For example, customers complain of an inability to download the information they have already paid for.

There is a number of dieter complaints online. Most of them say that the product is not effective at all. One person stated that the program was too boring for him to follow, but he had to do it because he had paid a lot of money for it. Some dieters complained about side effects they experienced when following Flat Belly Overnight System. They didn't feel well, lacked energy and desire to live. Some of them even developed a depression. It is clear because you have to be committed to the program, limit your food habits, increase your workouts, etc. Our research has revealed that the program is connected with numerous negative customer comments, so achieving any weight-loss results can be problematic.

One of my biggest concerns is that Flat Belly Overnight System isn't received well by many dieters. Besides, there is no science behind this product. As a specialist, I would like to see some documented studies and evidence to prove the effectiveness and safety of the program. But it really has no solid research provided on the official website. Let us have a look at a few testimonials left by true customers online.

"I purchased Flat Belly overnight system a week ago, but it would never download. I requested a full refund but they don't even answer to me. I will probably receive nothing. I do not recommend this product to anyone."

"I tried FlatBelly Overnight System but I cannot say that it is effective. In fact, it doesn't work for me at all. Besides, it is so boring to perform. If I knew this I would never buy it. waste of money!"

"Flat Belly Overnight System does not work. I complained to the company about this but they keep sending me more offers. I am not going to spend my money any more. This diet is ineffective and the exercise don't do anything."